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Wisconsin Suicide Statistics


Deaths in Wisconsin

  2011 2010 2009
Suicide 737 792 724
Motor Vehicle 604 566 591
Homicide 145 159 164

Note: Other 2011 Deaths
Breast Cancer: 796
Prostate Cancer: 622

Want more statistics about the facts?  Suicide Prevention Fact Sheet (.pdf)

Suicide is Preventable

The stronger and broader the support for a public health initiative, the greater its chance for success. If the general public understands that suicide and suicidal behaviors can be prevented, and people are made aware of the roles individuals and groups can play in prevention, the suicide rate can be reduced.


In 2006:

Sources: Wisconsin Death Report 2008, Wisconsin Health Department; Wisconsin Interactive Statistics on Health (WISH): Violent Death, Mortality, Injury-related Hospitalizations, and Injury-related Emergency Department Visits modules. Please visit: