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Wisconsin Suicide Prevention Strategy

Suicide is a major public health problem in Wisconsin. Suicide is preventable.

The aims of the Wisconsin Strategy are:

  1. to prevent deaths due to suicide across the life span,
  2. to reduce the occurrence of other self-harmful acts,
  3. to reduce the suffering associated with suicidal behaviors and the traumatic impact of suicide on loved ones, and
  4. to provide opportunities and settings to enhance resilience, resourcefulness, respect, nonviolent conflict resolution and interconnectedness for individuals, families, and communities.

11 Goals of the Strategy

  1. Promote Awareness that suicide is a public health problem that is preventable
  2. Develop broad-based support for suicide prevention
  3. Develop and implement strategies to reduce the stigma associated with being a consumer of mental health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention services
  4. Develop and implement community-based suicide prevention programs
  5. Promote efforts to reduce access to lethal means and methods of self-harm
  6. Implement training for recognition of at-risk behavior and delivery of effective treatment
  7. Develop and promote effective clinical and professional practices
  8. Increase community linkages with and access to mental health and substance abuse services
  9. Improve reporting and portrayals of suicidal behavior, mental illness, and substance abuse in the entertainment and new media
  10. Promote and support research and evaluation on suicide prevention
  11. Improve and expand systems for data collection, underscoring the public health emphasis on surveillance of suicide and suicidal behavior

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